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Sheet Music

Acacias (Argentina) Alberto Gambino
Album Musica(France) August 1913
Amapa (Brazil ) J Storoni
El Esquinazo(Argentina) A G Villoldo
Joaquina (argentina) J Bergamino
A las 9 en el “Convento” Felix Scolati Almeyda
Amargor (Argentina) Francisco J Lomuto (Lomuto y su tipica sinfonica)
Aparcero(Argentina) Anselmo A Aieta
Aquel Nocturno ( 1932 Argentina) Daniel Alvarez
Album Argentinischer Original Tango(Ger.1913/ Cover Only
Asi Soy Yo (Leipzig 1913) cover only
At The Café Continental Grosz/Kennedy 1936
La Atropellada(Argentina) Rafael Tuegols
Atropellando , Luis D’Andrea Repro cover only
Aunque Parezca Mentira ! Francisco J Lomuto
Bajo Fondo(Argentina) A A Gentile
Balconeando (Argentina) 210’s ? P Paulos
Bayo-Baya (1913 UK ) Dick Stone
Beside My Caravan (1934 Czech) Karel Vacek/Jimmy Kennedy/Henry Hall
Blue Tango Leroy Anderson 1951
Bewitching Tango(UK 1935) T W Thurban
El Borrador Vicente Romeo
El Cabare (Argentina circa 1913)Enea Verardini
Cabeza de Indio (Chile) A Le Valle
Cana Batida (Chile ?) A Cazenave
Cantando (Argentina) Mercedes Simone
Canto Por No Llorar (Argentina) Enrique Delfino and G H Matos Rodriguez
El Chaco(The Darling) (Argentina 1913) Rodige .back of Bayo-Baya
El Choclo A G Villoldo Repro cover only
Chuzazos (Argentina) Hernando Scapparone
Cicatrices (Chile) Adolfo R Aviles
Corazon de Indio (Argentina circa 1913) A A Gentile
La Cotorrita (Argentina) Samuel Castriota
Cuarto Azul(Chile) Marianito Morel (Betty Aranda vocal)
La Cumparsita , G H Matos Rodriguez (Repro cover only) ,(verse Emilio Reggio in full music sheet G Riccordi & Co)
Dale Celos (Argentina) G H Matos Rodriguez
De La Vida Milonguera , A.P.Berto (repro cover only)
Derecho Viejo , E Arolas Repro cover only
Le Dernier Tango Fouchier , Doloire Paris 1913
Domingo 7 (Argentina circa 1913) U Toranzo
Don Esteban (Argentina) Augusto Berto
Dreamy Serenade (1934 UK) Henry Hall
El Nato Argentina 1941 Jose Luis Padula
Enfunda la Mandolina (argentina) Francisco Pracanico
En La Prision (Argentina) Santiago Mayorani
Entrada Libre (Argentina) Luis Teisseire
Es Prohibido Fumar . Vidal Cibrian , (Repro cover Only)
Everybody’s Tango Album(1937) arr. By Rupert Cowlin
A Mi Querida(1916) Billi
El Chico(1930)Stocchetti
La Cumparsita(masks and faces)(1926) Rodriguez
Julian (1925) E Donato
Song of the Rose(1932) Schreier-Bottero
Feldman’s 39th Song and Dance Album inc :
Play to me Gipsy Vacek Eng version Jimmy Kennedy
To night give me an hour of love Lesso-Valerio Jimmy Kennedy
The First Album of Tangos (UK) Victor Sylvester and orchestra
Aromas de los Andes (1935) Walter Porschmann

Bambina (1938) Guido Cergoli
Florianopolis(1936)P Codevilla
Hear My Song,Violetta(1936)Klose/Lukesch
Parana(1936) P Codevilla
Punto Arenas (1936) P Codevilla
Flor de Oro (fleu d’Or)(France 1912) E H de Anduaga
The Golden Tango (1954 UK)Victor Sylvester Vacek Eng.version Jimmy Kenneddy
Goles..!Goles..! Argentina 1941 Enrique Rodriguez
Harbour Lights Kennedy and Williams 1937
Havana Heaven( Ger1930) Nico Dostal
Hear My Song Violetta (Vienna 1936) O.Klose & R. Luckesch / Joseph Locke (also a diff piece with illust.)
La Hijita que no Volvio(Argentina) Scappa.rone (on back of Chuzazos )
Hijo del Fango (Argentina) Francisco Pracanico Sung by Roberto Diaz
Huellas (Argentina 1941 ) J Rezzano
I Can’t Tell A Waltz From A Tango USA 1954 Al Hoffman/Alma Cogan
I Que Pinta (Argentina) Guillermo Brull Aieta
I Farolero (Argentine) Jose Dominguez
In Santa Margherita Morton Morrow , Fred Scher 1937
Intimas (Argentina) Alfonso Lacueva
Jealousy Winifrid may Jacob Gade Hutch 1926 , 1942
Kiss of Fire Lester Allen and Robert Hill , David Hughes 1952
Ladrillo (chile) Juan de D Filiberto
Lamento Maria Jose V Spencer Lisboa
The Last Tango (1955) Bernard Monshin & his Concert Tango Orchestra
Leichte Tanze(Germany ,easy dances) Tango & Tango Argentino
Lonely Villa by the Sea (1935 UK)
Lonjazos (Argentina) Andres R Domenech
Magic Tango(UK 1913) rene Andre (Back of Bayo-Baya)
Mala Junta (Argentina) J de Caro and P Laurenz
Malldita (Argentina) A Rodio
Manana (Fr 1913) Raoul d’Ast & Gerlier Back of Bayo-Baya
Mandinga (Argentina 1920’s) Julio Suarez
L Marcha Nupcial (Argentina) Armando J Tagini
El Mas Bonito (Argentina) AntonioPancell
Melenita de Oro (Argentina) V G Flores
Mentira (Argentina) Franciso Pracanico
Metele que son Pasteles ( 1936 Argentina) Jose M Aguilar
Milonga Del 900 Argentina Sebastian Piana
La Milonga que Faltaba Argentina 1938 Edgardo Donarto
Milonga Sentimental (Argentina) Sebastian Piana
Mi Privinciana (Argentina) Matos Rodriguez , sung by Gardel
La Morocha (Argentina) E. Saborido, Orchestra Tipica de la Guardia Vieja
Munequita (Argentina) Fraancisco Lomuto
Naipe Marcado(Argentina) Angel Greco played by Francisco Canaro
Naja(Italy 1928) Eugenio Mignone
Nobleza Gaucha(Argentina 1915) Francisco Canaro
Nunca Mas (Argentina) Francisco J Lomuto
O Cara Mia M Brodsky
Oh Mr Leader Please Play A Tango For Me Rotter ,Kaper and german (Eng. By Stanley ) 1931,1932
Oh Rosalita(Ger 1930)(1931 UK) Jack Payne
Oiga…?(argentina) Alfredo Cadora
El De Ojos Tiernos , Emma Silvia Troisi (Repro cover only)
Pampero (Argentina) Osvaldo Fresedo
Papanata (Argentina)Francisco Lomuto (danced by Aurorita Castro and M Silva
Pa Que Lagrimear Argentina(on back of Milonga Del 900.)
Pasion Milongueara , Angel D’Agostino (repro cover only)
Pass The Pickles (USA 1913) Grace le Boy
Pato(Chile) Ramon Collazo
Penny Serenade Halifax/Weersma Geraldo 1938
Piccolo Navio ou Le Petit Bateau 1924 cover art
Play To Me Gipsy(Ger 1932) ‘Du Schwarzer Zigeuner ‘ Karel Vacek (UK1934) Henry Hall
Poor Little Angeline Will Grosz, Jimmy Kennedy , 1936
El Portenito A G Villoldo Repro cover only
Que Lindo es Amar(Argentina) Francisco J Lomuto
I “Que Me Importa “ !(Argentina 1920’s ?) Jose Bohr (Geat illust.& cartoons )
Rencor (Argentina) Charlo x2
Romanesca(1933) Jacob Gade recorded by Hutch on HMV BD 1047
Romany(1936) C A Bixio Alfredo and his Gipsy Orchestra
Royal Pigall Argentina) Circa 1913 Juan Maglio
Secreto (Argentina) Enrique S Discepolo
Serenade In The Night(Violino Tzigano) Bixio /Jimmy Kennedy/Ambrose
Silbando (Argentina) Catulo Castillo and Sebastian Piana
Silencio (Argentina) Carlos Gardel ,Horacio Pettorossi and Alfredo Le pera
Si Yo Fuera Millonario (Argentina) Francisco Canaro x 2 copies
So Blue The Skies Charles Dunn , Camille de Rhynal Maxwell Stewart 1938
Sonaste Tiburon(argentina) L Teisseire
Songs You Might Never Have Heard inc Seville & Vagabond Fiddler
Tango I Albeniz from the suite “ Espana”
Tango No 2 Lawrence Wright’s Internat. Album containing:
Jealousy(1926) Jacob Gade
Luella(Mt Tango Queen) (1933)R Douglas
Romanesca(1933) Jacob Gade
Sunny Havana(1925)Horatio Nicholls
Spanish Eyes (1938UK) Ray Noble
Tango Mania (USA 1923) Stella Levison
Three Little Times(Ich Hab’ Dich Einmal Gekusst )(Ger 1931)
Tango Bolero 1938 Juan Llossas , Marcel Gardner
Tango auf Tango (Potpourri 1930) (Germany)(Walter Borchert)
Adios Muchachos
Du Bist Mein Stern
Oh Donna Clara
Scheint der Mond auf Venedig
Schoner Gigolo
Zwei Tranen
The Tango Dance (1913 UK) Melville Ellis (In back of Bayo-Baya
Tango del Querer (Argentina) Andres R Dommenech sung by Adhelma Falcon
Le Tango Du Reve(Egypt) Ev. Malderen
El Tango en Paris Orfeo D Giudice (repro cover only)
El Tango en Tripoli ,Ezio Dall’ Ovo (Repro cover only)
Tango fur Orchester(USA 1940 & 1954) Stravinsky
Tang Land (UK 1913) Henry Lodge
Tan Rica , La Nata A G Villoldo Repro cover only
Tina (1934 UK) Will Grosz
Tomo Y Obligo (Argentina) Carlos Gardel
Trago Amargo(Chile ) R Iriarte
Tu E So Tu Goncalves , Souza Lisboa (with lyric)
Vengan Muchachos (Argentina)Victor Pedro Donato
Ventanita Florida (Argentina) Enrique Delfino (Delfy)
Vieja Calle de Mi Juventud (Argentina 1936) Julio Moreno
Vienna in Springtime Leon,Pelosi Mantovani 1935
Le Vrai Tango Argentin(el Choclo)(France 1911) A G Villoldo
Xavier Cugat’s Favorite Collection of Tangos and Rhumbas
Adios Muchachos (USA 1936) Sanders
El Choclo (USA 1934) A G Villoldo
La Cumpasita (USA 1936) G H Matos Rodriguez
Dark Night (USA 1930) Herbert Stothart/Cugat(MGM movie ‘In Gay Madrid’.
El Irresistible (USA 1936) Logatti
A Media Luz (USA 1936) E Donato
El Tango De Reve (USA 1936) E V Malderen
When I Look In Your Eyes (USA 1936) Xavier Cugat

Yo Te Adoro Bandoneon (Argentina) Ramon Coll
Yo te Bendigo (Chile) J de D Filiberto
(Album) Zum 5 uhr Tee(Ger 1927)
(album) Zu Tee und Tans Band 14 (Germany 1929)
Auf einer Kleinen Bank im Park Willy Rosen
Dein Mund sagt:,, Nein”! Willy Rosen
Kimm laB uns traumen Siegfried Klupsch
Schlaf’ ein,mein kleines Sonnnenkind Robert Stolz
Warum,charmante Frau,lieb’ ich grad’Sie ?” Bruno Bauer
Wenn Du einmal mich betrugst ! Michael Krausz
Libst du mich noch Michael Eisemann
Tango Beatrice (1928) Dr Joseph Freudenthal
Augen,in denen die Liebe traumt (1927) Frido Grothey

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